3 Signs That Show You Have Hired the Wrong Painters

Do you need commercial painting services in your office or the entire commercial building? Are you looking for external and internal painting services? Do you want some redecoration done with painting? Have you already hired painters to do the job? How do you know you have made the right choice? Well, take a look at these 3 signs that show you that you need to hire some other company for the job.

They Arrived Late on First Day

The first sign of a company that really cares about its clients is that it works on time and per a set schedule. They can’t afford to be late because they have other jobs to complete. They don’t delay their work only so they can charge you more money than agreed upon by both parties. If they have arrived late on first day, you can start looking for new contractors.

They Don’t Have Insurance

So, you asked them about insurance and the response you received was along the lines of, “Hey, don’t worry we have it all covered. Nothing wrong will happen because we are professionals.” Well, when it comes to professionalism, the first thing is to have insurance in the first place because it gives you peace of mind in case of accidents and property damages.

They Didn’t Give Anything in Writing

That’s a big problem to start with. If you don’t have things in writing, it means your quote is fluid, and so should your budget be. In other words, be prepared to spend more than you had initially thought. Hire a company that would provide you with a written quote and job details.

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